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Category: Chuckers

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Refcode: 71070-A

1-1/4″ RA-6 Automatic Collet Chucker

1-1/4″ RA-6, 5th & 6th pos. chucking, loader, stops & ejectors, threading clutches, universal conveyor, 1951

Refcode: 71778-B

5-1/4″ RAC-6 Hydraulic Chucking Machine

5-1/4″ RAC-6 rebuilt 1995 spdl positioning 2 jaw chucks or collet chucks with master collets, universal threading, universal conveyor, condition: very good 1970

Refcode: 71549-C

5-1/4″ RAC-6 Hydraulic Chucking Machine

5-1/4″ RAC-6, Spindle Positioning, 2 Jaw Chucks or Collet Chucks with Master Collets, Radial Top Slides, Universal Threading, Universal Conveyor, Excellent Condition, 1980