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Refcode: 85318

1-5/8″ RB-8 Automatic Screw Machine

1-5/8" RB-8 with 6 cross slides (shelf) universal conveyor master collets stock reel & stand all attachments available condition: very good running mach new 1960; rebuilt 1995
Refcode: 84950-A

2-5/8″ RB-6 Automatic Screw Machine

2-5/8" RB-6 Acme, 5th Pos. accelerated reaming, 5 cross slides, Stock stand & reel with enclosures, Universal chip conveyor, Trabon lube, Push button feed, Hand crank safety, One piece sliding splash guards, 1978. Universal threading in stock.
Refcode: 94007

3 1/2″ RB-8 Acme Gridley Bar Machine

3 1/2" Acme Gridley Bar Machine Serial number 94007 New 1960 Stock reel and stand. 6 c/slides with shelf slides in positions 3 and 6. 8 collet tubes and nuts. 7 pusher tubes. 7 end slide drill saddles. Recessing attachment. Universal chip conveyor. External style coolant pump. Plexiglas splash guards. Power feed. Complete electronics with main drive motor and controls.     [easy_image_gallery gallery="452"] [easy_image_gallery gallery="452"]
Refcode: 36828

51 New Britain Automatic Screw Machine

Model 51 New Britain, 1" capacity, 6 spindle, air pick off & back finishing, , hydraulic feed clutch & brake, 6 slides, universal conveyor, new 1970
Refcode: 39320

1-1/4″ 8 Spindle New Britain 812

New Britain 812 1-1/4 8.  Stock reel and stand, 6 cross slides, air stock stop, Trabon auto lube, chip conveyor. 1978 Condition: Good
Refcode: 35257-D

Chip Processing System

Intersource chip system, wringer, , hydraulic dumper, screw conveyor, parts, separator, settling tank, containment pans, electrical, 1200 lbs. per hour. $15,000.00