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Nova Machinery, Inc. supplies a complete line of replacement parts for National Acme, New Britain, Davenport and Cone. We also offer tooling and attachments for National Acme, Davenport, New Britain, Cone, Wickman, Euroturn, Gildemeister, Traub, Index and Tornos. Nova offers both new and replacement parts, tooling and attachments. We offer immediate availability and overnight delivery to get your machine back in service.

Replacement Parts

Cams, Shafts, Gears, Bearings, Collets, Adjusting nuts, Pushers, Pulley sheaves, Clutch parts, Pumps, Pusher tubes, Chucking shoes, Collet tubes, Feed rings, Rolls, Studs, Slides, Spindles, Gibs, Springs, Arms, Levers, Drums, Segments chucking forks, Spool guards, Retainers, Spacers, Bushings, Plates, Collars, Nuts, Washers, Screws, Bolts, Yokes, Housings, Sleeves, Pins, Chains, Keys, Shims, Brackets, Plungers, Oilers, Covers, Fingers, Pads, Oil, filters, Wedges, Clamps, Seals, Plugs, Gaskets, Strainer, Manifolds, Valves, Aligning disks, Conveyors, Splash guards, Plexiglass doors, Silent stock reel tubes, Chip carts, Finger holders, Collet seats, Worm gears, and many more…


Shave holders, Skiving holders, Roll marking tools, Quick change tooling, Boring bar holders, Drill holders, Cut-off holders, Roller rests, Roll supports, Roll turners, Double deck holders, Forming circular, Broaching, Work support, Knurling, Burnishing, Knee turners, Box tools, End mills, Flat forms, Tap holders, Recess holders, Steady rest holders, Thread roll heads, Reamer holders, Dovetail holders, Pick-off holders


Recess, Reaming, Threading, High-speed drilling, Pick-off, Flat generating, Thread milling, Slotting, Rotary cut-off, Rotary broaching, Straddle milling, Cross drilling, Watkill saws, Synchronized cross drilling, Synchronized milling, CNC slides, Empire-style attachments, Design & Build

Custom Attachments— Design & Build

Empire-style screw machine attchments manufactured new for Acme Gridley, New Britain and Wickman, Polygon/Thread mill, Synchronized cross drilling, Straddle milling, Synchronized milling/slotting, CNC Slides – single/two axis, Shelf slides Pos. 3rd and 6th, Air pick-off and backfinish, Full warranty


Nova Machinery, Inc. has a large stock of good quality used tooling, replacement parts and attachments. ou used parts, tooling and attachments are unconditionally guaranteed by our 30-day return privilege.

Need parts tooling or attachments? Ask for Mike or John who have 85 years combined experience in the screw machine parts business. (add contact)

Special Attachments, Design and Build

  • Nova Machinery, Inc. Screw machine attachments

    Davenport Polygon/Threadmill

    We are now offering a POLYGON attachment for your Davenport automatic screw machine. Like our other polygon attachments, it can easily be converted to a THREADMILLING attachment – Just change the gears!

    Our Davenport Polygon/Threadmill is a revolutionary development as it is the first of its kind to be produced for the Davenport. It is easy to install and comes with unparalleled support. Tooling is available. Contact us today (Phone (248) 547-7877 · Fax (313) 305-7253 · Email: nova@nova-machinery.com) for pricing and delivery!

  • Nova Machinery, Inc. Screw machine attachments

    Synchronous Mill, Stationary Mill

    Fits most multiple-spindle automatics. Heavy-duty all bearing construction. Easy installation. Hardened and ground components. Face plate system allows support bushings. Robust dual supported cutter shaft. High pressure coolant ports. Heat treated gear system means no boring required. Attachment drive unit is included. Attachment top rpm equals machine top rpm. Below are some part samples. Contact us today (Phone (248) 547-7877 · Fax (313) 305-7253 · Email: nova@nova-machinery.com) for pricing and delivery!

  • Nova Machinery, Inc. Screw machine attachments


    Heavy duty polygon allows machining in steel. One attachment does both the polygon and threadmill. Attachment drives 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 with change gears. Heat treated gears and components. Sealed cutter box and transmission box with constant lubrication. Drives of a standard pickoff gear. Polygon cutters use inserts. Fits in different positions just by changing the base plates. Industry leading threadmill attachment has taper adjustment for exact pitch straightness. Contact us today (Phone (248) 547-7877 · Fax (313) 305-7253 · Email: nova@nova-machinery.com) for pricing and delivery!